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Thermo King to exhibit solutions for today and future refrigerated transport at TCS&D’s Cold Chain Hub in Farnborough, UK

Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies is exhibiting at TCS&D’s Cold Chain Hub, which is running alongside the ITT Hub event in Farnborough, UK to showcase technology developments that lead to sustainable and zero-emission refrigerated transport industry.

From 11th to 12th of May, at the Thermo King booth 1251, visitors will find the latest advancements in transport refrigeration to prepare themselves for the future: truck and trailer units with market leading fuel efficiencies, hybrid or 100% electric and zero-emissions refrigeration.

“Sustainability, fuel efficiency, electrification and transition of conventional architecture is what is being discussed in the industry today. We’re coming to the ITT Hub to help transport operators keep abreast of the rapid changes in technology, address the environmental requirements and prepare themselves for the future, today,”

said David O’Gorman, regional director North and Western Europe at Thermo King.

“The discontinuation of the red diesel rebate is one of the issues on the minds of our customers today. It’s fair to assume though, that only eliminating rebated diesel is not going to impact the environment – whether operators burn red or white diesel, they are still burning the same amount of fuel. Choosing a sustainable refrigeration technology will. At the ITT Hub we will showcase the advanced, future-ready transport refrigeration solutions from Thermo King and Frigoblock that give operators a plethora of options, both from the business and environmental point of view,”

said O’Gorman.

Thermo King’s booth 1251 will spotlight the most comprehensive offering of sustainable transport refrigeration technologies. This includes the truck and trailer units with market leading fuel efficiencies, hybrid or 100% electric and zero-emissions refrigeration systems like:

Advancer A-Series trailer systems together with the new Whisper Pro and Hybrid units. The A-Series offers market leading fuel efficiency and can be operated as hybrid and with the new AxlePower technology with BPW’s ePower axle. The AxlePower energy recovery system and battery storage technology for trailer refrigeration units was designed to deliver immediate and long-term sustainability benefits while also helping cut day-to-day operating costs.

Single and multi-temperature V-1000 vehicle-powered units designed for larger rigid trucks of up to 25 tonnes.

The new V-1000 is equally or more powerful as its nearest equivalent diesel units and offers large truck operators the benefit of advanced vehicle drive technology – low cost operation, fuel savings, low weight and compact size.

New FK2 electric, alternator-powered units from Frigoblock

for medium to heavy-class rigid trucks featuring integrated telematics and extended ambient capabilities for wider operating maps. For more sustainable transport operations, FK2 units are compatible and can be installed on both hybrid and electric-powered trucks.

Providing sustainable solutions for refrigerated transportation is part of Thermo King’s and Trane Technologies’ overall approach to reducing carbon emissions in the industries it serves. It helps advance the 2030 Sustainability Commitments, including the Gigaton Challenge to reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons.

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